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FORUMS - Information Communities on the Web

One of the great strengths of the web is the opportunity it provides to build communities of mutual interest. In the ever-expanding universe of digital video and digital content creation virtually every significant piece of hardware and software has at least one and often many such communities serving the interest of those wishing both to learn and to contribute. I've gathered here links to and descriptions of my favourite groups, many of which I visit daily. Registration is usually required to post but often you can read as a guest, and decide once you have a feeling for the participants, whether or not you want to join. All make their content available on-line and some allow you to select the option of having all new posts, or new posts to threads you have posted to, sent to your email address. For the enthusiast these forums are a gold mine, and I can't count how many times I've been helped to accomplish something, added an item to my wish list, share a trick I've learned and receive a thank you for solving someone's crisis. Don't overlook this powerful learning channel if you spend any time at all reading and searching to expand your knowledge.


    Curt Wrigley made quite an impact on the resources available to non-linear editing enthusiasts when he began publishing tutorials for viewing and download. Now he's running a forum to support those efforts, but also to bring together links to videos on-line (including yours if you have any up and want to say so) and to Premiere and Photoshop tutorials. You can also post and read tips on editing with Premiere, and ask questions about how certain effects are created. A welcome addition to the forum resources.(Select the link to forum, but don't miss the tutorials while you're visiting!)


    Select the "Communities" link to one of the best forums available. Separate subjects include specific camcorders including the Sony TRV950/VX2000/PD150, Canon XL1s, GL1/2, editing on the PC/MAC, Open DV Discussion, Web Video Delivery, Film Look, Classifieds for used equipment and numerous others. Regulars include legitimate filmmakers, professional shooters, editors, special effects folks, and a more helpful, less judgemental group of people you will not find. If I had a rating system this community would be at the pinnacle.


    Hosted by one of digital video's best print magazines, the dv.com communities are moderated by acknowleged experts in their fields, people like Jay Rose in Audio, Ben Waggoner in WebVideo, Ralph LeBarge in DVD, John Jackman in Lighting...individuals whose books and articles are mainstream reference materials for enthusiasts and professionals. Forum subjects include Indie filmmaking, DVD, equipping your studio, audio solutions, NLEs, and more.


    Another popular video magazine, of particular use to beginners, also makes forum space available and the group is an active one, although not supported by the magazine with appearances from their writers and other contributors. There are some dedicated volunteers doing their best to make sure answers, or at least replies, are provided in a timely fashion and newcomers to DV shouldn't overlook this resource.


    The first group I subscribed to with the email option was the Yahoo Group's Adobe Premiere forum. I still read daily emails from them, and reply when I think I can contribute something. I've also joined their email forum on the Sony VX2000. Take a look at some of the currently 119 video groups available here.


    If you edit with a Canopus product, like my aging but always reliable DV Raptor, you'll want to keep watch on some of the forum subjects here. I check the Adobe Premiere/Canopus section and the non-realtime cards section - and will until I can justify a couple of grand for the Storm2.


    Like the Cow, this forum host presents a daunting selection of interest areas - something like 150 (!) separate groups, also supported by knowlegeable regulars. Many participants run their own web sites providing great info, tutorials and links for digital video/content creation enthusiasts, and there are often links provided in posts to take you to what you need. I generally hang around the Premiere, Canopus and DVD authoring groups when I'm 'in town'.

  • If you have found a favourite "support" group please share it with me and the rest of the global community who have my sincere thanks for visiting The Content Shop. Enjoy!

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